Best Site For Finding Lawyers?

FindLaw has an easy-to-use search engine to help you find the right lawyer.

How do I prepare for my interview? You should know about your rights and what you need to say during the interview. Read our article on preparing for your interviews.

What are some good questions to ask a prospective attorney? There are many important issues that may affect people’s lives that can be brought up in an attorney interview, including family law matters, criminal defense matters, immigration concerns, child custody issues and much more. Here are some example questions that will allow you to better understand how lawyers think about their clients’ problems: How does he or she handle dealing with client confidentiality? How clear is his or her understanding of client privacy laws/regulations/guidelines? What role does he play in ensuring client safety when handling potentially dangerous cases (such as DUI cases)? Does he use technology effectively beyond e-mail communication to communicate information back and forth with his clients? Who else would benefit from being involved at this stage of the case/concern within your office environment if there were any conflicts arising out of these relationships? If it becomes necessary for him/her to stay involved after being appointed by court order as guardian ad litem or conservator under state statutes governing bankruptcy or probate proceedings, what level(s) of involvement would be appropriate both now and down the road if things change significantly in terms of decision making authority over finances etc.? Has s/he ever worked on

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