Best Side Hustles For Lawyers?

I have been trying to find a way to make some extra income on the side. I am a lawyer and work in corporate law, so it is easy for me to do things that don’t require much skill, but which will bring in an additional income. Here are my top 5 best side hustles:

1) Become a freelance writer. If you write well, then this is probably the easiest route for you to go down if you have little or no experience writing. You can also start researching what types of articles people want written about (e.g., topics related to your field of interest). There are plenty of ways that one can gain exposure by becoming a freelance writer; however, it does require some time investment up front (i.e., before making money). The upside with this type of blog/article writing is that there are many different outlets where these articles can be published online including websites like LinkedIn Pulse and Medium blogs like Outsmarting Lawyers Blogs .

2) Start an Instagram influencer business (or try out other social media platforms.) Perhaps the most obvious platform when starting something new would be Instagram because almost everyone has heard about this app or site already! However, I was not aware until after I started doing research into various social media platforms how popular Instagram was at first when I began following businesses/brands who were using it as part of their marketing strategy when they had effectively built their audience base through another platform such as Facebook

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