Best Shoes For Lawyers?

“The New Balances,” he said. “And the Nike Air Foamposite Ones. My daughter has them in her closet right now. They go for three hundred dollars each at sites that have them in stock—online stores and auction houses—but they sell out every day. I got mine through an online sneaker boutique called Flight Club, who also sells exclusive sneakers from companies like Puma and Adidas Stan Smiths only to their members. The outside of the box is emblazoned with a photo of my daughter wearing one of those shoes on stage shot by Willy Vanderperre when she was performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company in London last year, but inside there are two sets of signed photographs from all kinds of people: John Madden; Sir David Frost; various students at Harvard Law School; Barack Obama posing with his daughters . . . You can tell which ones are hers just by looking at them—she isn’t shy about allowing herself to be photographed while wearing sweatshirts bearing her name or signature logo! But this photograph here? It’s stuff you don’t see very often anymore anywhere except photos taken by paparazzi photographers during concerts or otherwise intrusive celebrity shots shot up close—like this one I took for Sports Illustrated magazine after she graduated high school last summer while we were having dinner together in Boston before she left for Cambridge University where she went to study law part-time because it was too

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