Best Seo Keywords For Personal Injury Lawyers?

A: There is no such thing as the best keyword for personal injury lawyers. A good keyword should be common and relevant to your niche, but it doesn’t have to be a term that’s at the top of Google search results.

Q: How do I know if my keywords are too long? If so, what’s an easy way to shorten them? For example, how about “personal injury lawyer Atlanta GA” versus “Atlanta personal injury lawyer” or even just “Personal Injury Lawyer” versus “Lawyer Personal Injury?” Which one would you recommend using?

A: First off, PLACE YOUR KEYWORDS IN THE TOP OF GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS! You only get one chance to get their attention so make sure they see your ad when they land on your page or website. Also keep in mind that people hate being sold something whether it is over the phone or online because there are already millions of ads out there selling similar products/services so it makes sense that many will ignore potential customers who don’t look like they’re trying hard enough. So focus on providing value by creating content that answers questions or solves problems rather than promoting yourself with over-the-top sales pitches.

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