Best Sectors For Lawyers?

There are two main sectors for lawyers, corporate and litigation. Corporate sector deals with the commercial law related issues which include mergers & acquisitions, employment law, consumer rights etc. On the other hand, in litigation sector it deals with civil cases like divorce/divorce proceedings etc., bankruptcy cases etc., criminal cases including murder trials and also public interest litigations against individuals or organizations.

What is a good level of education to become a lawyer?

If you want to become an attorney then you need to have achieved at least LLB degree from across India or any country recognized by Bar Council of India (BCI). As per BCI rules only undergraduate degree awarded after passing board examinations conducted by All India Law Institute can be considered as legal education qualification for practicing law in India. If you want to practice in Delhi High Court then minimum educational qualification required is Bachelors Degree in Jurisprudence/LLB from University / College recognized by Bar Council of Delhi(BCD)with 2 years practical experience being equivalent course duration along with 30 days internship under guidance of Legal Service Authorities before joining practice without appearing for bar exams.

Which country has maximum number of Indian professionals operating there? Which country has maximum number of Indians working abroad..??

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