Best Search Engines For Lawyers??

I, like you, am a consumer and I want to use the search engines that I know will return information that is relevant.

The only way to find out who many people are searching for this topic at any given time is to simply look at the Google Trends graphs. Here’s one from January 2011:

Figure 8-7: The number of searches on “copyright lawyer” grows as it gets closer to being a hot issue—January 2011. Copyright © 2009 Google Inc.|0|0|1&ctab=all&start_YR=2010-01-01&end_year=2011-12-31

In other words, in just over two years since then there have been more than 2 million more searches on “copyright lawyer” every month! And these numbers come from a single search engine (Google). It seems likely therefore that if we were able to take the same data and compare Yahoo!, Bing, or even Ask Jeeves we would see similar results; however, all three companies do not share this kind of detailed data with their users through their individual sites without getting sued by copyright holders for doing so! In fact there was an article about how Yahoo doesn’t even provide us with web page content anymore because it might be copyrighted.[15

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