Best Schools For Lawyers?

The University of Florida, which has a law school located in Gainesville. The institution will be the ninth public university to offer a degree program in the field and is ranked as one of the best schools for lawyers by U.S. News & World Report and Forbes magazine. UF Law’s class size is small — about 100 students — making it an ideal place for your career development and personal growth.

Can I get my J.D.? How much does it cost? What scholarships are available?

You can easily apply to attend law school without having completed undergraduate or graduate degrees first—you just need UCF College of Law’s Juris Doctor (J.D.) accreditation, which you can earn after graduating from any college with a bachelor’s degree that includes 12 hours worth of coursework in legal studies or 3 credits worth of credit-bearing courses at UCF College of Law itself*. If you have already earned your undergraduate degree then pay only tuition fees – there are no application fees or other costs associated with attending this professional program!*

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