Best Sc Lawyers For Dui Suspension Law?

i never even got a ticket, i was pulled over for swerving. the cop said he saw me “swerve” and put his radar on me which is why i got pulled over. i told him that it’s not my fault because of road construction in front of me (they were putting down new asphalt) and he argued with me about it because there are no signs stating when they will be done. after 10 minutes, we both realized that we’re arguing like 5 year olds and just gave up at each others bullshit points/arguments and ended up having a nice chat until the end of our shift (he also took pictures of my license plate number for future records).

a couple days later, the cop called to let me know how much money he will take from my insurance company without an accident report because if i make one claim within 6 months then they can subpoena all traffic tickets because there’s no way I didn’t get them.. this goes against what every lawyer tells you.. so I asked him to send someone out to check since it wasn’t raining or anything yet but he told me that cops don’t do shit unless its their own car getting hit by drunk drivers or someone else’s car being rammed off the road so whatever..

so now 2 weeks later, I’m still waiting for some paperwork to come through…

anybody have any experience dealing with something like this?

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