Best Sales Jobs For Lawyers?

Our friends at Above the Law have created a list of nine jobs that are currently getting slammed by law grads looking to get into practice. You may want to pass on these if you’re just starting out, but for those who have already made it big in their careers (or are about to) here’s how they stack up:

1. Chief Operating Officer (COO): $156,270 per year + bonus. According to Payscale, “The COO oversees all operations and activities; establishes processes; ensures compliance with applicable legislation; develops strategies and plans; coordinates the department/divisional operations within the company or business unit which is managed by other executives. The role requires excellent strategic planning skills as well as strong leadership qualities and excellent communication skills at all levels across departments/divisions of an organization.”

2. General Counsel: $157K base salary + bonuses & equity participation depending on position level – I don’t know anyone who makes less than this! The job description says “Generals counsel provides legal advice and guidance related to environmental policy, labor relations, health care laws including HIPAA privacy regulations, intellectual property licensing rights among others…General counsel also drafts articles of incorporation documents for companies or businesses where he exercises increasing supervision over day-to-day management functions such as financial administration, personnel matters etcetera…and represents clients before regulatory agencies such as OSHA Health Standards Compliance Office regarding workplace safety standards

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