Best Rules Based Calendaring For Lawyers?

You can’t do that. That’s a violation of Rule 2-118. You can give them an hour and change, but you haven’t given them any notice at all beyond the times on your calendar — and we know some lawyers will use the “one time” for their whole practice. And if you gave three months’ notice instead of one month, they’d come back and say: I’m not going to be able to comply with that rule.” So it gives no flexibility whatsoever in setting up rules based calendaring for lawyers because there is no flexibility built into these rules themselves! Now don’t get me wrong; if somebody wanted to read every word of the Rules just like Rule 1-103(a)(7) says, then it would be perfectly OK — but our entire profession would become paralyzed under such a strict interpretation. We need more flexibility than we have today; we need more exceptions than what are contained in these very rigid rules which reflect certain principles about how business should be run by professional association professionals who really ought to know better even though they’re basically amateurs when compared with many other professions such as law or medicine or nursing or architecture or engineering where there are actual regulations written down years ago (and still remain valid).

Q: What about overbooking? Where does that fit into this picture?

A: Well I didn’t think much about overbooking until this case came up . It’s clear from my own experience that everybody has

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