Best Rolling Business Case For Lawyers?

In the most recent case I have written for a client called Blue Origin, they wanted to create their own rocket engine. You might think it would be easy to do that, but you’d be wrong. In fact, it wasn’t until my client met with me and asked me if I could help them that he realised there was a whole world of opportunity open up to him in this field. He had been thinking about making his own rocket engine all along but he never knew where to start or what expertise he needed – which is why we teamed up!

It was only when we talked through some ideas together that he decided how best to tackle this problem: instead of trying an engineer-led project from scratch, my client started with a lawyer-led project as opposed to an engineer-led one because lawyers tend not worry too much about technical problems. In contrast engineers are often more focused on solving technical problems than legal ones – so having both types of team working together means everyone has something new and exciting going on at any time. And it does mean we can get things done faster than otherwise possible – and perhaps more importantly for our clients and their prospects: better quality results sooner rather than later!

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