Best Referral Sources For Lawyers?

The best referral sources for lawyers are those who know you and have a good sense of your character. Many times, the lawyer we’ve known for years is the person we trust to recommend others because we feel he trusts them as well. Others will know what you want to accomplish and how they can help you achieve it – so think about that when choosing someone referrer: does this person really speak well of me? Does she or he ask questions about why I need the lawyer? Do they seem willing to give referrals without any expectations in return?

How much confidence should my referral source have in me before giving me a recommendation letter?

It depends on many things including how long you’ve been together, whether or not there is an established relationship between both parties (such as through family), and other factors such as if one party asks for recommendations from several people at once. For example, let’s say Joe wants his friend Cindy (who has recommended him) to write his recommendation letters but doesn’t like her very much after hanging out with her recently; however, Cindy knows everyone likes Joe and would gladly write up his recommendations were she asked. In this situation, Cindy isn’t comfortable recommending Joe based solely upon their recent social encounter since no real bond was formed during that time period; but if she had met him 20 years ago when both of them were just getting started with their legal careers then perhaps they would be more comfortable recommending each other

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