Best Recommended Lawyers In Cape County For Divorce?

In many cases, a lawyer can help you avoid court. You will be better off to get your legal issues settled without going to trial. In some situations, however, it is best to try and resolve the matter in a courtroom. This is where an attorney may come in handy during divorce proceedings.

What are my options for choosing a lawyer?

It is important that you choose a good divorce attorney who has experience handling family law matters such as the types of cases we handle at The Law Offices of Daryl L Thomas & Associates . It would also be wise to check with references from people who have had previous representation by our firm so that you know they were satisfied with their results and if they would recommend us or not. Other services offered by our firm include: child custody evaluations; paternity testing; prenuptial agreements; post-nuptial agreements; separation agreements/prenuptials and domestic violence restraining orders among other things depending on the type of case involved. We will explain what each type of service entails when we meet in person or over the phone so please call or email us today!

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