Best Real Estate Lawyers In Williamsburg Va For Aiding And Representing Owner Sale Of House?

Can you help me find a lawyer to help with my divorce? I have 4 children, ages 6-17. My husband filed for divorce in Fairfax County Court and has served papers on my family members here in Virginia. He says that I am the one who is leaving him but all of his actions are being done against me or at least he alleges that they are being done against me. We have been married over 13 years and have two daughters together. Both girls live with us but when it comes time to leave the house things start getting nasty between them both! I say things like “I can’t believe you would do this” or “You don’t even care about your kids anymore”. When my older daughter came home from school she had some bruises on her face – not sure what happened there! Then last night around 12am he tried to call our youngest daughter but couldn’t get through because she was asleep (she stays up late studying) so he went into her room in anger looking for her phone which I thought was strange since they rarely talk each other’s phones except in an emergency! The next morning around 8:30am while we were still sleeping she called saying something had broken off the front door knob so maybe someone broke into their house?! It doesn’t make sense why these events started occurring after our separation began so please let me know if there is any hope of getting out of this mess or just how much money does it cost!! Thanks!”

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