Best Real Estate Lawyers For Run Down Houses?

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful at selling their house than others? Or, do you wonder what makes a home so “run down” that it doesn’t sell even though it has the potential to net many thousands of dollars in profit? The answer lies in your title insurance. Title Insurance is basically an agreement between the seller and the owner of the property on one side, and your title company on the other. If there are no liens or mortgages on your property AND IF YOU ARE THE PROPERTY OWNER, then all sales proceeds will be reported to you via this form of insurance. You can have as little or as much coverage as you want depending upon how much equity (the value) that you have to put into protecting yourself from any eventualities that may come up during a transaction such as: 1) A buyer who wants to take back his deposit; 2) An agent who does not pay commission because he/she cannot find another buyer for her client; 3) An agent who embezzles funds due her clients – if she sells them something without telling them – this too would impact her commissions; 4) Your own personal injury claim against someone else where they hurt themselves and blame their injuries on your property (this is called “fault based liability”). However, if you don’t insure your title then ANYONE could sue YOU for money damages because they would be able to prove that YOUR OWN PR

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