Best Rated Michigan Lawyers For Drivers Licence Suspention + Medical Reason?

I just got suspended in Michigan for “physician’s order.” I have no idea what that is, but when I was driving my car it started to vibrate and the lights went on when I took off the parking brake. The police officer told me someone had reported a “medical emergency in progress” so they pulled me over because the person who called probably didn’t know what he or she was calling about. Anyway, after looking at my drivers license suspension record, which has been expunged from their system two months ago (which means there’s no way to get information out of them), they are telling me that if I fail another test or do something else dumb then will give me 6 points on my license and suspend it again until 30 days after failing another test/doing something else dumb. And this time without ever contacting anyone about why i’m being suspended. So now i’m supposed to drive around with an expired license while trying not to get caught by cops randomly stopping people? What should i do? Shouldn’t they be able to look up records outside of their own databases instead of making you spend 5 hours sitting in front of some old lady taking driver exams?

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