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State Bar Profile

The State Bar of California is the largest voluntary bar in the United States. Membership in this bar association is open to all persons who are or have been admitted to practice law in California, except federal judges and attorneys working with the U.S. government. The State Bar does not charge an annual membership fee, but dues are required for some specialties such as probate administration and small firm management services. Members may join online using a credit card or sign up by telephone at 800-777-8077 or 626-939-5111 during regular business hours (Pacific Time). A lawyer must be certified before practicing law in any court of California, so it is important that you check with your local judicial officer if you intend to refer cases over which he has jurisdiction to another attorney licensed under his rules of professional conduct without joining him on a continuing basis as an associate member of the state bar association. To secure your certificate of good standing within 30 days after making application for admission through our office, please call us at 408/473-2096 and we will send one by fax only: 408/473-2378 (fax)

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