Best Quote For Lawyers Helping People?

“Think of a person likely to have a lawsuit against him. Then, think hard about how he could be sued. You will have much more success in preventing lawsuits by avoiding the people who might sue you than by trying to anticipate every possible lawsuit that could be brought against your client.”

That was from New York State Supreme Court Judge Raymond Ciaravella when he retired in 2009 at age 81 after 30 years on the bench and 20 as chief judge for civil cases. He had said it often enough that his friends began calling him “Judge Think Hard,” according to the Albany Times Union newspaper. He also warned judges not to give up any time they can spend reading law books or attending court sessions because lawyers clamor for their time all day long, even if they don’t handle the cases personally themselves: “Lawyers are an insatiable species of human beings, and judges should always remember this fact when scheduling calendar events with them.”

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