Best Quality Shirt For Courtroom Lawyers?

A: I’ve seen some very nice shirts, but I don’t know of any. It would be really nice to have one that people with large chests could wear without feeling like they were wearing a parachute on their back. I’m thinking about getting one for my office, but it would need to look sharp and professional enough to pass the court secretary test at the courthouse across town where my wife works as she checks me in every morning before work.

Q: What do you think about your new haircut?

A: My barber gave me the worst cut he ever did. He didn’t listen when I told him what kind of hairpiece I wanted (he used an old piece of ponytail) and now it looks like a cheap crop top is holding my hair up on both sides. Not only does this make me look ridiculous, but it feels weird too because whenever someone touches my head they accidently brush against my chest hairs which makes them stick out more than usual which also makes me feel pretty silly (and maybe distracts jurors). However, if there was no way around looking like an idiot with long hair flowing down over both sides then considering how much money we spend each year having our heads shaved anyway perhaps this might not matter so much…

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