Best Promotional Items For Lawyers?

Carrying a briefcase full of promotional items is boring and unoriginal. Show your clients you care about them by sending them an article they will enjoy reading every day in the office. If the message is relevant to their field, your customers will be more motivated to read it and share it with others (especially since that’s what you want). Here are some ideas:

• A free newsletter from West Coast Lawyer Magazine, which focuses on real-life issues faced by lawyers practicing in California. The latest issue features an article on locating cheap housing in San Diego for senior attorneys moving there after retiring (if they don’t live here), plus a page dedicated to humor with cartoons and jokes.

• An e-mail update from Your State Bar Association News, one of several bar association newsletters available online. These articles usually have easy-to-read summaries of recent developments at state bars across the country—for example, “New York City has created an Office of Pro Bono Services within its Department of Law & Public Safety…” The latest edition includes coverage of new legislation regarding malpractice insurance requirements for certain professionals who practice family law litigation or mediation services before judges other than probate courts ($1 billion nationwide).

• Readable pieces about legal topics written by guest writers who are experts in that particular subject area but whose personal stories may help reinforce your message while adding flavor to each piece. This kind of writing can make great

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