Best Promo Items For Lawyers?

No way! And, they want us to make them look good before we even talk. Oh, and they’re very sensitive about their images in the media.

But if you’ve got a product or service that people need but don’t know it exists (like my company does), or an app that is consistently downloaded by your target market every month (and many apps are), then this can be hugely beneficial for all parties involved. As I mentioned previously, when you ask for free stuff like swag on social media platforms like Facebook ads or Instagram posts, you risk rejection from your prospects—it looks desperate to me—but when you get something of value back in return it looks far more professional and genuine. Your prospects will appreciate getting a high-quality item at no cost rather than nothing at all so long as the image of your brand isn’t harmed at all by having used free products/services during the campaign period.

Tip #96: Know When To Play It Safe

A few years ago I was brainstorming with some friends who were each running successful businesses online from their own homes using minimal resources while living paycheck to paycheck themselves . . . guess what? We made millions because our advice gave them clear direction on which avenues to take first! Even though these business owners didn’t have any real money behind them yet, they had a vision and passion that propelled them forward until success found them later down the road thanks to hard work

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