Best Professional Liability Insurance For Lawyers Nc?

I’m interested in purchasing liability insurance for my practice. The main focus of the policy is to cover professional malpractice, but I would like to know if this policy provides coverage for any other claims that could arise? Is there anything else covered by this type of liability-type policy that I should be aware of?”

Is it possible for an attorney to sue a former employer about unpaid wages?

My husband quit working at his job and now he wants me to hire him back. He says he has been denied unemployment because the company said they were not going through with paying us what they owed us. The reason why we have not received payments was because the company went under so now my husband thinks our benefits are being withheld. We won’t really need them since we are planning on moving out fo US soon anyways… Do you think its possible that i can get someone from the unemployment office or something involved with pay these debts off? If yes then how do I go about doing it?! Thanks!”

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