Best Professional Associations For Lawyers?

The premier bar association with the most lawyers is the American Bar Association (ABA). It includes law firms that are members of ABA-approved state and territorial bars. The ABA does not allow nonlawyers to join its organization, although some individual states do permit nonlawyer membership. Lawyers who wish to join an ABA-approved state or territorial bar must first complete an approved lawyer registration program sponsored by their respective jurisdiction’s governing body. In addition, each state has a corresponding supreme court rule that governs admission into its supreme court bar.

What other professional associations for lawyers exist?

In addition to the American Bar Association, which offers national leadership on legal issues affecting lawyers everywhere in the United States, there are many organizations devoted to specific fields of law—for example: National Association of Women Judges; Hispanic National Bar Association; Black Lawyer’s Guild; Asian Pacific American Advocates for Justice; Indian Law Caucus Foundation; Committee on Disability Rights in the Courts of Appeals and District Courts (of various federal circuits); Section of Military Affairs [formerly known as Armed Forces Board]; Federal Defenders Program [a nonprofit defending indigent defendants before federal courts], etc.

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