Best Pro Bono Lawyers For Refugees In Washington Dc?

best pro bono lawyers for refugees in washington dc?

If you have a legal matter that affects someone’s life, contact us. We will offer you our time and service free of charge. – People from more than 80 countries are being helped by the Refugee Law Project… – No fee unless we win your case… – By volunteers only… We need donations to pay for this work so if can’t afford it right away please consider making a tax deductible donation today with PayPal: If you would like to make a one-time tax-deductible donation through PayPal, click on the button below: You may also donate with check or money order (USA address) via mail: The Refugee Law Project / P.O. Box 9126 / Riverside CA 92518 USA For those who wish to support our mission financially but don’t wish to make financial contributions online, there is now an option for individuals and businesses as well as foundations such as public charities. Our new preferred method of giving has changed from “PayPal” which has been used since 2005 all over the world, unfortunately due to recent security issues we no longer accept any donations via Paypal system after October 1st 2016 . Please use instead credit cards or debit cards when donating and if possible indicate that these funds go towards helping refugees! Donations made here go directly into our account at Wells Fargo Bank in San Diego County California without going through any bank fees! Click on this link if you want help supporting

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