Best Pro Bono Areas For Lawyers?

It’s a personal question. I don’t know how to answer it. It will depend on what kind of lawyer you want to be and what the practice area is that interests you.

What do you view as the most valuable aspect of legal education?

Learning how to think about issues in an analytical way, thinking through them from different perspectives, and asking good questions that lead to productive answers rather than just getting things done and moving on without having thought about their outcomes or implications for others beyond your client. Legal education teaches you those skills by requiring you to sit down with students who are very smart but also people who may have given up trying because they can’t succeed at law school or don’t feel like they’re going anywhere as attorneys because there aren’t any jobs out there for them after graduation (and lots of opportunities for graduates prior thereto). So we learn those skills by doing co-op work — putting something together under pressure that requires creative problem solving — which isn’t taught much or often in law school courses. We learn our profession not only by reading textbooks but by working with clients/patients/pro bono clients/government agencies/etc., where we get real experience applying what we’ve learned in class into situations involving serious consequences where no one else is looking over our shoulder telling us whether this was “the right thing” or “not the right thing.” That leads me back again to my first point: learning how to think about problems analytically so

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