Best Practices Lawyers Can Use For Writing?

The Case for Writing in Plain English

Some lawyers are not comfortable speaking about themselves or the issues they are dealing with. They prefer to write an article or blog post on a topic, rather than talk about it directly. Lawyers who do this usually have some expertise in the area of law that they write about. For example, if you’re writing about personal injury cases, you may want to focus on medical malpractice claims and how best to manage potential health problems caused by your injuries. You can then use that same experience when writing academic articles on personal injury law topics like comparative negligence versus contributory negligence (or 100% contributory negligence).

However, sometimes lawyers don’t even get their own expertise right! I recently read an article written by one lawyer who referred to himself as “drafting expert witness services LLC” (WTF?) I am sure he thought he was being clever with his name choice because of course drafting experts would need their own company? Who knows what kind of legal advice he was giving at that point though; perhaps he did know something after all! Being open and honest is always recommended when using third-party sources for information so whether your attorney uses them will depend more on how well written the article is than if it contains factual errors. The more readable the better personally but remember there is no substitute for reading hard copy versions instead of online versions where research has been done before publication therefore including citations could be very useful too although

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