“Best Practices For Lawyers”?

If you want to read a short, humorous and entertaining book that will make you laugh out loud while also making the point about lawyers should be good at managing their time and not waste it on trivialities, don’t miss this one.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great!!!!!!!! Format: Paperback | Verified Purchase I have been reading “The Inmates are Running the Asylum” for some years now which is a collection of essays by Henry Beard an american lawyer who quit his job at a New York law firm to become an activist working against corporate America because he felt they were doing things differently to what was ethical or moral. He has since worked with groups such as the Groundwork Center in Washington DC that work for social justice through legal means.

The author gives great examples from current events all over the world where people have gone off course from what really matters – if we only asked ourselves these questions rather than wasting our money on useless stuff like plastic surgery etc…then there would be less violence around us which could save every single person’s life!

This includes companies such as Enron, Worldcom and many more amongst those listed in “Inmates”. This book is well worth buying if you care about your soul!!!!!!!

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