Best Practice Management Software For Lawyers?

We believe that the best way to run a law firm is to have everything in one place. We have been using ZAM for years, and it’s been absolutely instrumental in maintaining our books and records as well as managing our clients. The system is very user-friendly, as was noted by many of the attorneys we talked to who said they no longer had to hassle with filing things manually or sitting down at their old computers just so they can enter data. And if you’re not already familiar with Z4Law, I encourage you to check out their amazing webinar series! You can also call them for help answering any questions you might have about the system.

Who should be using ZAM?

In my opinion, everyone should use ZAM – from solo practitioners up through large firms – especially those who are new lawyers looking for a great tool that will save time and make life easier! It works on multiple devices (desktop computer or laptop) which makes it ideal for working from home, traveling between offices/states/countries – really anywhere “on the road” where travel time may eat into your day but leaving without an office job helps keep costs down!! There are also mobile apps available now which let you log into your account from pretty much anywhere once connected via Wi-Fi or cellular data (not yet available in all states). For anyone who has ever wondered how some firms manage thousands of contacts while others seem like they barely do

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