Best Practice Areas For Solo Lawyers?

If you do decide to go solo, make sure that you have the opportunity to take on high-value work for firms with large regional practices—that is, jobs where your client base will be spread across multiple states. For instance, if you do a lot of business in New York City but live in Virginia or Washington DC, look at how much work there is for lawyers who are located throughout these areas. That way it won’t be just local clients calling on your law firm because all of their problems are being handled by one lawyer located right down the street from them. If possible, don’t limit yourself geographically when recruiting new associates; rather try to find attorneys that can come into an area even though they may not have any previous experience. Often it is very difficult to convince established solo practitioners to move out of their comfort zone and start doing some less lucrative aspects of practice management or litigation handling outside their usual region. It takes courage and perseverance before looking at other regions as job possibilities makes sense without feeling like you are abandoning everything else that has been building up over time—and especially before making what could end up being costly mistakes during the hiring process itself!

The Importance Of Knowing Your Clientele

Any experienced attorney will tell you that knowing what type of cases he or she handles best helps greatly with determining whether this particular career path should even be considered as a viable option during law school admissions season (as well as during summer associate programs). Sol

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