Best Practice Areas For Lawyers In 2017?

The percentage of lawyers who say they are confident in their ability to handle 10 or more practice areas with no problems has hovered between 27% and 33% since 2009. The 2017 edition finds that 32% are confident, down two points from 2016. Another 24%, however, are not too confident or not at all confident (up by five points).

A majority of practitioners across the country report being proud about their work ethic (56%), while most express pride in handling ethical dilemmas (55%). About half feel proud about making a positive impact on others’ lives through legal services (51%) and how well they communicate what they do to clients (49%). Roughly four-in-ten attorneys overall say that providing good advice over the phone is important to them personally as part of their job description/role responsibilities. It’s also important for many other aspects of their role: 46% say it is very important; 18%, somewhat important; 26%, neither important nor unimportant; 11%, somewhat unimportant; 11%, not at all important.

What makes this profession so satisfying? Fourteen percent of respondents cite learning new things every day as one key benefit; 13% mention earning an income without working long hours; 12% feel fulfilled doing something valuable for society, helping people resolve issues above self interest, serving justice or righting wrongs against individuals or groups protected under law like women and children . Meanwhile 9 % great seeing the results of one

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