Best Possible Lawyers For Murder?

“You were talking to me. I can hear you just fine,” Bill said. “If they didn’t have the best lawyers in town and had hired a good lawyer then it wouldn’t be murder. If everything was all right and they knew how to look after themselves, why would they need us? But we don’t know nothing about them. If we did, there wouldn’t be no problem for them today with the justice system of America which is what it is today because of our forefathers who wanted to guarantee everybody their lawyers whether they needed one or not-IF THEY HAD THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THEM! All the money in this country goes into banks where banks make money off that money and then that bank makes more out of that and keeps on making more until somebody takes it away from them like when Bernie Madoff took billions of dollars from people like my mother who trusted him with her life savings! A criminal mastermind taking advantage of trusting people! And he went down for thirty years but now nobody knows where his millions are gone…I bet you if my mom has some left she will tell you she hates him even though he gave her twenty thousand dollar worth thousands back when she was sixty-two years old—that should mean something to someone! How many times does your mom get put through so much shit? Did any other family go through this same thing? What else could happen before God

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