Best Portable Scanner For The Traveling Lawyers?

Are you looking for a scanner that is portable yet powerful? Then you are in the right place. The Casio FX-3000 will do just fine, so long as you keep it out of the water. This little guy weighs under 5lbs, and can run on batteries or AC power (just no car adapter). It has 4GB capacity to store all your precious documents, photos and videos! And with 1200 dpi resolution…well let’s say this baby will make very nice scans at once. I would recommend buying the optional USB cable along with this one, since it’s not included in the box. If you are willing to spend around $150 though, then look no further because this scanner does everything else well enough for most people who need scanning services done regularly throughout their career.

#3 Best Portable Scanner For Lawyers: Epson Perfection V600 Photo Color Inkjet Printer | Scans up to 64” x 48″ | Reviews & Prices Rating #1 – 9/10 #2 – 8/10 #3 – 7/10 #4 – 6/10

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