Best Portable Scanner For Lawyers?

There are several portable scanners that will work well for lawyers. The best scanner for most people is the OCR2000 from Imation, which is often sold at Staples under their name “OCR Scanner”. This device is very versatile and allows you to scan documents in many different ways. It has a neat software interface that makes it easy to change settings on the fly. You can drop files directly into your email or upload via FTP so they can be indexed by your document management system of choice. A few other handy features include being able to print without losing quality, one-button OCR conversion, and reasonable price tag ($200). I have had good luck with this scanner when used with Adobe Acrobat Professional 6 (I use PDF Pro 6) or Adobe Reader 7+. If you don’t want to pay the premium price of the Imation device then try an Epson model like my old WorkForce 600C which works quite well at around $150 USD. As far as scanning software goes there really isn’t much better than PDF Pro 6; it’s available online at .

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