Best Political Science Concentration For Lawyers?

There are no school-specific rankings, but the highest ranked graduate schools of political science for lawyers are at Columbia University in New York City (#1) and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Doctoral Programs in Political Science

If you want to pursue a PhD degree or other advanced academic program in political science, there are numerous options available. The most popular of these is the Doctorate Degree Program (PhD), which generally involves research and culminates with a thesis defense and publication. Another option is the Master’s Degree Program (MPA/MPP/MAPLD/MPJD). These programs usually include one or two years of coursework as well as an internship during their third year. After finishing your studies you can apply for government jobs such as researcher, policy analyst, law clerk or legislative assistant—these positions will require professional licenses such as those offered by passing those state bar exams that were discussed earlier under “Licensing Requirements” below. Licenses cover not only practice after graduation but also cover practice before taking your license exam: it’s important to make sure you know what laws and rules govern how legal work will be performed once you obtain your license(s). All states have various types of licenses; make sure that any company hiring you has already received its own state licensing number from its respective jurisdiction – this means they must pass periodic renewals every few years along with completion of continuing education requirements explaining changes to existing laws since previous renewal time periods

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