Best Point Of Sale For Lawyers?

Lawyers make a lot of money. In fact, the median income for all lawyers in 2015 was $154,950 annually. However, there are some real differences among the top 10 states with respect to average annual earnings from practicing law. The highest paid state is Alaska, where lawyers earn an average salary of $195,840 per year. Lawyers in Louisiana also do well on a yearly basis as their salaries average out at around $163K per year. New York came in third place at just under $160K per year and West Virginia took fourth place—with its legal professionals earning an average annual salary of around $157K per year (that’s right about what you expected). Michigan? It comes in near last place with its lawyer earning only slightly more than most common professions like truck drivers ($141K) or elementary school teachers ($134K), not surprisingly!

Interestingly enough (or maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising), several states—including California and Texas—spend considerably less than their respective national averages when measuring personal compensation for lawyers when considering full-time employment status: Californians can expect to take home about 94% of what they would have earned if they worked anywhere else nationwide; Texans will probably see nearly 87 percent of that number come into play after tax deductions are added up…Texas does better than Idaho though because Idaho pays almost 55% less than what Texas offers its attorneys! Take your pick here between two attractive options: either California

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