Best Podcasts For Lawyers And Law Students?

The ABA Journal Podcast, hosted by professor of law Amy Howe. The show covers all aspects of the legal industry and is a great listen for anyone interested in legal careers.

How did you get into podcasting? What made you start your own?

I got my first iPod when I was 13 years old and became addicted to podcasts while studying abroad in London. I started making my own just out of boredom — we’re talking about one-minute recordings using Garageband on an iMac — because no one else seemed to be doing it. Once I realized how easy it was, though, I didn’t want to stop! Nowadays there are more than 500 podcasts devoted solely to lawyers (a number that continues growing every day). And yet they aren’t reaching enough listeners: According to Edison Research, only 9 percent of Americans over the age 18 have listened at least once in the past month; among those ages 12–17 that number drops significantly (to 4 percent). That means that most people don’t know what we do or who we are; according to a survey conducted by LinkedIn University last year, 78 percent reported never having heard about or been recommended a legal professional podcast before. It can be hard getting attention for something so niche but with some luck and perseverance, anything worth doing can become popular if done right—and I think mine has been both well done and deserving of recognition within our community!

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