Best Podcasts For Female Lawyers?

It’s tough, but I love the The Moth StorySLAM podcast. There are so many great podcasts out there for lawyers, and I really enjoy listening to all of them. For example, The Lawyerist Podcast is one that every attorney should listen to on a regular basis because they interview amazing people from around the world who have interesting stories about their work in the legal field. That helps keep me inspired! It’s also a wonderful way to learn new skills and improve my listening comprehension ability by trying to understand the words being spoken rather than just reading or writing them down. And then there’s our very own Legal Talk Network (or LTN) Show where we cover topics like “The Importance of Mentoring Lawyers Beginning Their Career Journey” with guest speakers from around North America whose advice can be applied at any stage of an attorney career journey.

What tips do you have for women aspiring attorneys?

I want everyone—especially young girls—to remember that it doesn’t matter what shirt you wear in law school when you graduate; what matters is your passion for representing clients and understanding how different laws impact their lives. Then go out into practice with confidence knowing that your skills will only get stronger over time as you continue developing professionally through continuing education programs such as CLE classes or mentoring relationships with experienced attorneys who know how best to advance your career path in meaningful ways throughout your career!

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