Best Podcast For Lawyers?

We’re not lawyers, but we do like to listen to podcasts with lots of great information. We like Pod Save America (Pod Save the World). Spoiler alert: if you’re looking for a podcast about politics and current events, we probably can’t help you there. But if you want an honest and insightful look at the American political scene from a unique perspective — with plenty of funny conversations along the way — this is one of our favorite podcasts! And it’s totally free! Plus it produces some really cool merch. If you know someone who works in politics or policy making, please suggest they check out Pod Save America, which was recently recognized by President Obama as part of his “POTUS 44 list.”

What are your favorite apps?

Favorite legal related app? Ugh…I don’t use any other apps besides my phone/iPad itself these days – no need because I have all this amazing technology built into it that makes me more productive than before without having to spend money on anything else 🙂

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