Best Planning System For Lawyers?

One of the major differences between a lawyer and other professionals is that lawyers need to be very involved in their own planning. They need to keep track of all costs, including time for research and preparation, as well as the cost of any materials. Many firms charge by the hour or prepare estimates for each case before it begins. Because such charges can easily double an hourly rate, many lawyers prefer to work on contingency; they get paid only if they win their cases (sometimes after taking a loss) rather than based on hourly rates alone.

How much does law school cost?

Law schools vary greatly in price and quality. While most public universities offer both full-time and part-time programs at reasonable prices ($45,000–$60,000 per year), private colleges generally charge more ($80,000–$125,000 per year). In addition to tuition fees there may also be room/board expenses ($5K–10K/year), books ($3K+per year), transportation expenses ($1K bike commute from campus plus $20 gas money every day) , incidentals (tuition fee covers one pair of shoes for four years—not enough!), student loans if you take out a loan while attending school (about 8% interest rate over 10 years), health insurance premiums ($600/month or less depending upon employer contribution). The total cost depends upon where you live but is sometimes well into seven figures!

What are some good resources available

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