Best Planner For Lawyers?

I’m not a lawyer. I just know some people who are and it can be very useful for them to have that tool,” she said.

I think we’re seeing more of that now than ever before, because it’s so easy to put information on the Internet. – Dan Clancy, University of Calgary School of Law

As such tools become increasingly popular, their creators will need to consider how they want to regulate themselves — or whether any government oversight is necessary at all. “This is new ground,” said Chris Parsons, an associate professor in the department of political science at Mount Royal University in Calgary who specializes in privacy law issues. He noted Canada already has strict laws about protecting personal information against unauthorized use or access by others but there isn’t much regulation around keeping track of disclosures made by companies publicly available online even though those entities often say they take privacy seriously. There are also no laws governing what happens when someone dies with sensitive financial information still out there unprotected among family members and friends who don’t realize how important it is protectively archived away for future generations or simply lost along the way as part of estate planning procedures gone awry over time. “It’s like you’re doing everything right but if something goes wrong then you’re left holding your hand up asking ‘What do I do?'” he said Tuesday during an interview from his office on campus here overlooking the city below where he teaches part-time courses partly focused on law enforcement methods used against criminals today and tomorrow including surveillance techniques

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