Best Places To Live For Single Lawyers?

We’ve got you covered.

For those of you wondering what the best places to live for single lawyers are, we’ve done some investigating and found that these 9 cities have it all: good weather, hot singles and terrific restaurants and bars! If your dream is to find a great city with plenty of things to do on weekends — including nightclubs — then look no further than one of these cities. We also wanted to highlight some great small towns too so if you like big-city life but don’t want everything (like traffic) there is such as Eureka (California), Madison (Wisconsin) or Des Moines (Iowa). These smaller towns likely won’t make our Top 10 list because they don’t offer the same selection of nightlife options as larger ones like New York City or Chicago. But if you want variety in terms of where your dates will be located, then consider heading out into the country instead! See below for more information on each city:

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