Best Places To Intern For Lawyers?

There are two main considerations when deciding where to intern for lawyers. The first is location, of course; the best places to intern for lawyers will be near great legal firms and firms with prestigious careers or high-paying clients (or both). But you also need to consider whether your firm values diversity in its employees. If not, then the internship may mean an uncomfortable commute through low-income neighborhoods every morning on public transit after a long night at work, followed by less pay than full-time employment would bring due to lower hourly or per diem rates.

The second consideration is likely more personal: how much your company values working hard? A good internship means spending many hours daily at work doing tasks that interest you so much that it doesn’t feel like work. You should always get paid for this type of time—even if it’s just $10/hour—but if you aren’t getting any sort of credit toward earning future wages at your place of business, then what’s the point? And absolutely no taking “breaks” throughout the day without permission from supervisors who don’t think they’re making enough money off you anyway! This isn’t about partying all night and sleeping until noon tomorrow; it’s about hard work over years ahead.

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