Best Places For New Lawyers In Denver?

Just about anywhere. There are good law schools in Denver, but there are also many wonderful firms that have very high standards for their new associates.

Do you get to choose where the firm is located? If not, how do you go about finding a job?

That’s pretty much it! You really have to audition with every firm on your list of candidates. I’m lucky because my husband is an attorney so I was able to use his connections when looking for jobs (he knows all the attorneys at different firms). It took us over 6 months before we found our first job and then another 4 months after that before we landed our dream position in Denver. The whole process is hard work; however, if you’re smart and pick the right positions (companies), it can be worth it in the end! On average, most people spend 2-3 years trying out all of these places until they finally find something they like/want…no matter what stage of life one gets themselves into.

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