Best Places For Lawyers To Work?

” It’s a legitimate question, and in my experience, a lot of lawyers just don’t have the faintest clue.

Most people think that being a lawyer means you have to work at a big law firm located in downtown Chicago or New York City, but it doesn’t. There are plenty of high-paying jobs for lawyers to be had doing things like writing wills and trusts or giving legal advice over the phone from home—which is exactly what I did while I was looking for full-time work after law school. So if you want to make some money working on your own terms during times when the economy has thrown up its hands, consider these top websites where lawyers can find part-time legal projects:

1) LegalMatch ( You earn $30 per hour plus 100 percent of whatever you earn through referrals; there are fees associated with each project accepted; they pay between $250-$400 per case depending on how much time it takes; this job requires no special skills other than having access to e-mail and Internet access; all new hires must pass an extensive screening process before they can get started (screening includes background check); this is not some sort of babysitting service so applicants need previous experience in customer service roles as well as excellent written communication skills.

2) LegalZoom (www .legalzoomjobs . com), which also offers many types of online legal

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