Best Places For Lawyers To Live?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a city. If it’s nightlife, there are so many cities that have great nightlife—New York City is one of the best cities in the world for it. You can be at Times Square or walking around downtown and see things all within walking distance—whether you want to go out dancing every Friday night, watch a Broadway show, eat out at some really nice restaurants with amazing food, spend an evening shopping at Bloomingdale’s then walk over to Central Park…we have it here in New York City! It doesn’t matter if you want these things or not because they are everywhere! It does make sense though if you don’t mind living near Times Square. But I think most people who live here would prefer something more quiet and peaceful—but also exciting when they go out at night.

What makes up good urban design?

There are different ways of thinking about this question but ultimately I feel that urban design encompasses all aspects of building design from architecture to parking lots to signage—and even landscaping whether its green spaces or public seating areas where people can sit outside their office buildings during lunch breaktime or grab coffee after work. We know that having green space and outdoor seating increases energy levels and decreases stress levels which leads us down another path: we notice less crime as we see how happy our neighbors look outside reading a book while drinking coffee on the bench next door; maybe

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