Best Place For Lawyers?

” Not exactly, but it is one of the nation’s most expensive cities. And that means you can pay huge sums for a very small piece of property.

The median price per square foot in Manhattan was $1,102 in April 2018. The national average was $357, according to First American CoreLogic data quoted by the Times (which also noted prices are up more than 20% over last year). That would buy you just 0.6 percent of an acre on Staten Island’s South Shore—and not much more than 1/80th of an acre near Park Slope or Carroll Gardens, two Brooklyn neighborhoods with some high-priced homes and many apartments renting above market rate to young professionals who want to live close to work without breaking the bank themselves. Even within Brooklyn there are wide price differences between neighborhoods like Park Slope versus other areas mostly inhabited by minorities outside the city center: For example, buyers looking at properties in Crown Heights will find them significantly cheaper than those seeking homes on Stuyvesant Ave., which runs alongside Prospect Park North.

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