Best Place For Lawyers To Live?

Cities with the best places to live for lawyers are no surprise. They include two of the nation’s largest cities, New York and Los Angeles. The top five also includes San Francisco, Miami, Boston and Washington, D.C..

Who is moving there? Well-educated people between 35 years old and 61 years old who have a bachelor’s degree or higher are most likely to leave their hometown in search of employment opportunities.

As more baby boomers enter retirement age, demand for homes will increase as retirees look to downsize from larger homes into smaller ones that can fit into urban areas. Home prices are expected to rise across all 50 states by 2026 according to Zillow data released last year which said incomes were not keeping pace with home price growth in many markets around the country including Londonderry (NH), Anaheim (CA) and Staunton (VA).

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