Best Place For Foreign Lawyers?

’ and then we’d go into a meeting room, and they wouldn’t be able to contain themselves. They would start getting excited all of a sudden — ‘Oh my god! This is the best place for foreign lawyers! You could work here in two days! And you can make so much money!’ Do you know what I mean? It was like watching an Olympic gymnast get ready to do their routine. All of a sudden, they were seeing it as this great opportunity. Well, I guess England has always been that way. (laughter)

Q: So do you guys pay less than your U.S.-based counterparts?

A: We don’t pay any more but we’re not paying less either because we’ve got the same set up — it’s just based on UK prices at the end of the day [but] there are some benefits over other countries because if someone comes from outside Europe or Asia Minor, for example where our offices are located, [they’ll have] one office [in London] with someone who speaks Turkish working alongside them while being assisted by somebody from JPTL dealing with US matters which means no matter how complicated a case gets in terms of language issues or metamorphosing laws between states, whoever’s handling that part will be very familiar with those areas and vice versa…. There may have been times when our clients have had difficulties going through different channels to get things done but it hasn’t happened

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