Best Phone For Lawyers 2016?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the best phone for lawyers 2016 because it’s the only Android phone that offers up to 256GB of storage. That’s enough room to store thousands of videos/photos and other media files, which could save you time if your case takes a while to resolve or requires constant access to old evidence.

Other areas where the GS7 shines include its brilliant display (at least compared with previous generations), waterproofing capabilities, comfortable fit in hand, and dual-SIM card support. If you need advanced features like VR content playback or wireless charging, however, be prepared open yourself up to slower performance when using these new items on this model.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs Review: The Good Stuff! Screen size 6 inches OS Android 6 Marshmallow CPU Snapdragon 820 RAM 4GB Storage 64GB Cameras Rear 12MP / 5MP

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