Best Philadelphia Lawyers For Voilence And Racism In The Workplace?

In the United States, a black man who slapped a white woman is in trouble with both the law and his neighbors. In 2014, he was sentenced to three years probation for assault in New Jersey. This conviction—in which he has been fined $500 and must perform community service—has caused him to lose his job at a grocery store in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It’s also landed him on what sounds like it could be an endless list of “to do” tasks: He is required to attend anger management classes; file monthly progress reports; undergo random drug testing; serve five months of home detention when not working or attending school; pay restitution for damage done to furniture by angry customers while he worked at the store. And don’t think that this guy isn’t aware of all these requirements: Last week, during a courtroom argument over whether his sentence should be reduced because he has shown remorse and accepted responsibility for striking out against a fellow shopper, defense lawyer James Barbour told Judge Robert Milano that “[the defendant] understands fully this case is going forward…and I am seeking your indulgence as well as leniency from you so my client can move forward into life after prison….I have been tasked with informing [his clients] about their options that are available to them…if they choose some form thereof….The choice is theirs.”

Now we know how President Obama feels about people having jobs who aren’t good enough

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